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The Heavy-Duty Applications of Polyimide ML

The uses for Polyimide ML insulation are high temperature continuous duty coils, hermetically sealed relays, and fractional and integral HP motors. This insulation is primarily used in the aerospace industry due to its minimal outgassing property. Lastly, ML’s Thermal Class is 240°C.

Applications & Features

Aerospace applications – Because of its thermal insulation and radiation resistance properties, Polyimide (ML) is used to wind coils on satellites, spacecraft and launch vehicles.Other uses include: avionics, navigation, flight controls, wing movement, and collision avoidance.

Electronic applications – Polyimide (ML) film is ideal for high heat environments, such as wheel speed sensors, brake control systems and for the majority of applications in all Aerospace market segments.

Polyimide Varnish for Heat-Resistant Insulation Coating– This resin not only has excellent heat stability, but also great mechanical and electrical characteristics and reliability, thus achieving a long history of use and popularity. These applications continuously are expanding to include use in insulated covers for heat-resistant wires, as well as parts used in airplane production and industrial equipment.

Minimal Outgassing Properties MWS offers the Polyimide insulation without lube for the least amount of outgassing properties.

Features of Pyre-M.L. heat membrane:

・High strength and elasticity

・Heat and cold resistance

・Can be used at a wide range of temperatures: between -269°C and 400°C (continuous service temperature = 260°C)

・High-voltage insulation properties

・Chemical resistance / Oil resistance

・Radioactive resistance

・Dimensional stability