Ribbon Wire and Flat Wire Products

MWS Wire Industries supplies three basic types of flat conductors: ribbon (flat wire), strip, and foil or sheet. All three products are produced in a series of rolling processes, and are supplied with round, or sharp-edge constructions.

Ribbon – Normally produced from round wire in a singular multiple pass rolling process, ribbon products range in size from thicknesses as small as .0005″, and widths as large as .100″. Thickness tolerances are as tight as +/- .00015″, and width tolerances are as tight as +/-.0005″. Ribbon products usually are supplied with round edges, on spools that are paper sectioned to enhance despooling.

Strip – Generally speaking, strip products range from thicknesses of .005″, with widths from .125 to 2 inches. Radial or sharp edges are available, with material packaged in coils or on spools.

Foil or Sheet – Produced after rolling, by shearing or slitting process, foil or sheet is supplied in widths from 2 – 12 inches. Thicknesses can range from .001″ to .020″. The “slit” edge is sharp and may require “deburring” for certain applications.

Ribbon and Flat Product Data

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