Copper Magnet Wire and Copper Alloy Wire

Copper is often a top pick for wiring and electrical applications due to its excellent electrical conductivity. Its ability to conduct electrical currents effectively with little resistance makes it a dependable choice for electrical cables, electronics, power distribution, and telecommunications.

Besides, copper wire also has good ductility, impact strength, solderability and corrosion resistance. MWS offers copper wire in several grades like ETP (electrolytic-tough pitch) copper, OFHC (oxygen-free high thermal conductivity) copper and its alloys like Beryllium Copper, Zirconium Copper, Cartridge Brass, Phosphor Bronze in several shapes and sizes.

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Copper and Copper Alloys Properties

CDA Alloy No.C10100C10200C11000C15000C17200C26000C51000
Alloy NameCertified
Chemical Composition (%)99.99 Cu
99.95 Cu
99.90 Cu
.04 O
99.85 Cu
.15 Zr
98.1 Cu
1.9 Be
70 Cu
30 Zn
94.8 Cu
5.0 Sn
.2 P
Density (lbs./in.³)0.3230.3230.3230.3210.2980.3080.32
Electrical Conductivity (% IACS @ 68°F )10110110093222815
Electrical Resistivity (OHMS/CMF)10.310.310.311.
Approximate Melting Point (°C)1,0831,0831,065980866916954
Tensile Strength Hard Temper (kpsi)55555564152109110
Tensile Strength Soft Temper (kpsi)34343430685251
Yield Strength Hard Temper (kpsi)5050 50 621256885
Yeild Strength Soft Temper (kpsi)11111213282121
Elongation Hard Temper (%)6651.5155
Elongation Soft Temper (%)36363630423049

Properties are nominal values and should not be used for specification purposes.
Elongation values are generally size dependent.

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Copper and Copper Alloys

Certified OFHC

CDA 10100

Certified OFHC (oxygen-free high thermal conductivity) is an unalloyed, high purity copper magnet wire.

  • Good conductivity, solderability and corrosion resistance.
  • Excellent forming and brazing characteristics, as well as resistance to hydrogen embrittlement at elevated temperatures.
  • Available in round, square and rectangular shapes.

Used in/for:

  • High Current Applications, high-performance devices
  • Power distribution and telecommunications.
  • Cryogenics and superconductors

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B170

OFHC Copper

CDA 10200

OFHC (oxygen-free high thermal conductivity) has 99.95% minimum copper (Ag counted as Cu) and is produced by converting cathodes in a continuous casting and rolling process into copper rod.

  • Low oxygen content minimizes the risk of oxidation, ensuring that the wire maintains its conductivity over time.

Used in/for:

  • Bus bars or any electrical conductor
  • May be specified as a special copper magnet wire conductor.
  • Cryogenics and superconductors.

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B170

ETP Copper

(CDA 11000)

ETP (Electrolytic-Tough Pitch) copper is alloyed with oxygen to achieve the best combination of conductivity, capacity for being cold worked, and economy.

  • Good ductility, impact strength, and corrosion resistance.
  • Available in round, square and rectangular shapes.

Used in/for:

  • The most widely used copper for wire conductors.

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B1 (hard), ASTM B2 (medium drawn), and ASTM B3 (soft)

Zirconium Copper

CDA 15000

This copper alloy exhibits high conductivity, excellent solderability, and good strength.

  • Good performance at high operating temperatures
  • Zirconium copper resists softening at higher temperatures, unlike ETP and OFHC.

Used in/for:

  • Switches, high current interconnects, terminal pins, welding tips, and other applications where high temperatures exist.

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B747

Beryllium Copper

CDA 17200

This alloy is characterized by very high strength and good electrical conductivity.

  • Normally supplied in age-hardenable tempers, beryllium copper has good to excellent cold workability.
  • Available as bare wire, or it can be film insulated.

Used in/for:

  • Typical uses include switch parts, springs, fuse clips, connectors, and contacts.

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B197/ASTM B250

Cartridge Brass

CDA 26000

Cartridge brass has good conductivity and strength, but poor solderability due to its high zinc content.

Used in/for:

  • Widely used for cold-headed products such as machine and wood screws, rivets, and fasteners.
  • May also be used as an economical spring material.

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B19

Phosphor Bronze

CDA 51000

Phosphor Bronze is a strong and durable alloy  widely used for most types of springs

  • High strength
  • Good resistance to corrosion and fatigue.

Used in/for:

  • Springs
  • Switches
  • Relays
  • Contacts
  • Fasteners

Available in Annealed and Hard per ASTM B159/ASTM B250

Special Processes

Ask a sales representative about any special temper or wire finish.

Wire is available in sizes 14 – 44 AWG with the following options:

  • Soft/Hard Temper
  • Bare
  • Insulated
  • Shaped
  • Plated
  • Bondable

Copper Alloy Wire Data

Need more info about chemical composition? See our Data Sheet.

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