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A hand is holding a compact silver medical device in front of a diagram of the human circulatory system.

MWS produces specialty wire applications that are incorporated into intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, intracardiac ablation catheters and systems, intracardiac mapping catheters, cardiac rhythm products, spinal cord stimulators, endoscopic therapeutic devices, and treatment devices for cerebral vascular disease. We have been providing unique wire solutions for medical systems since 1976.

Close-up of an aircraft engine turbine with the fan blades prominently visible, framed by the outer engine casing and intricate aerospace wiring.

The aerospace and defense industries have long turned to MWS Wire for custom solutions to sophisticated challenges. Avionics, Electronics, Flight Controls, GPS, Navigation Systems, Probes, Sensors, Weather Systems and Deep Space Exploration all require the kind of fine and ultra-fine precision wire produced by MWS.

Close-up of an engine bay with various visible components, hoses, and wires connected to the engine block.

MWS Wire’s role in the automotive industry primarily supports the R&D function where unique wire solutions are needed. With the increased use of low voltage electronics in today’s vehicles, MWS offers an agile production facility for drawing, shaping, serving, twisting and insulating of custom automotive wire. Short production runs and quick turn-arounds are our specialty.

Computer industry


Located in the hub of the Southern California computer industry at the height of its boom years, MWS has helped many firms enhance the performance of their products with innovative precision wire solutions. Today, MWS serves customers all over the world with unique wire products that meet exacting specifications and enhance the performance of wide range of computer related components and peripherals.

Electronics industry


With the miniaturization of everything, and lower voltage applications replacing the high voltage combinations of the past, the requirement for more sophisticated wire to be used in electronics has increased. Our plant is filled with innovative, proprietary equipment that produces highly unique wire products. Rather than saying “we don’t have it” we always prefer to say “let us make it.”

Close-up of a person's hands assembling or repairing the electronic components of a white electric guitar.

Having worked with so many guitar pickup manufacturers over the years, MWS has become an expert regarding the importance of exact specifications needed to create that personal sound each musician is seeking. We know that the insulation type, thickness and purity of the copper all influence the tone. Let MWS put its expertise to work for you.

sensor wire

Sensors are devices whose purpose is to detect changes in an environment and send the information to gauges or other electronics, such as a microprocessor, in the form of interpretable electrical signals. Sensors are found in everything from simple touch-sensitive elevator buttons and table lamps to sophisticated industrial applications found in fluid processing, aerospace and automotive industries. Let MWS put its expertise to work for you.

Telecom industry

Copper wire has long been the preferred material for telecommunications, enjoying steady growth over the years. Due to the evolution to wireless communications, the use of copper wire has changed, but it is far from obsolete. New transmission processes and equipment still rely on copper and specialty wires produced by MWS to extend message-carrying capacity of data transmission at far greater speed.