Spooling & Packaging

MWS Wire / Spooling & Packaging

Precision Spooling to Customer Specifications

Precision spooling is vitally important to our customers so that they can match the spools to their winding machinery and unique operations. MWS's exacting spooling techniques mean that every spool is evenly wound with proper tension and pitch to minimize any difficulty in the payoff. MWS offers a wide variety of spool and reel sizes and types to choose from. This large variety of spool and reel types allows MWS to meet all of our customers’ unique spooling needs.

MWS winds wire onto a large variety of spools that range in size from holding a few grams of fine diameter wires to three hundred pounds of square and rectangular wires. Spools may have straight or bi-conical flanges or have a tapered barrel for high-speed dereeling. For specialized precision medical cable applications, the wire can be put on braider bobbins.

Wire can also be cut to length and packaged in tubes or boxes, depending on the wire diameter, and length of the wire pieces.

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Exacting and Reliable

Because we offer wires in such a wide variety of sizes and shapes, with round wire as small as 0.0004 inch (10 microns) and rectangular wires up to 0.400 inches wide, our winding equipment and capabilities have been developed to ensure our products meet all customer requirements. That means square and rectangular wires are perfect-wound to sizes as small as 18 AWG. Also, if you need 500 feet of wire put on spools, we do that too. For additional information about our custom spooling and packaging capabilities, view the brochure below or contact us.

Packaging and Shipping

Accurate Orders in Perfect Condition

MWS Industries packages your products for delivery in a manner that ensures you receive your products in perfect condition. Every spool we ship has custom labels with information specified by our customers. When buying from MWS, you have the option to set up scheduled releases on your terms or to place an order for next-day shipping off the shelf.  We have processes in place to double check all orders before they leave, and both the shipper and our checkers verify every order before it leaves MWS.

Boxes and Cartons

MWS Industries packages your products so they arrive safely and undamaged. MWS typically packages material using the “box inside a box” method. All of our premium interior boxes are made from recycled material and our interior “loose fill” packaging is made from a water-soluble starch. MWS reuses all the packaging material we can, for customer shipments or for our own in-house inventory packing. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Large Pallet Shipments

MWS Wire Industries can handle your larger weight shipments as well. From as little as 100 lbs. up to 2,000 lbs. per pallet, we can securely palletize your order for delivery anywhere in the world. We use only the best quality pallets (standard or treated wood and plastic) to ensure a safe and undamaged shipment arrives at your facility.