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Proud to be part of The Elektrisola Group, the World's Largest Manufacturer of Fine Magnet Wire

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In January 2014, MWS became a part of The Elektrisola Group – an international, high-volume producer of fine and ultra-fine magnet wire. With a proud history of technical innovations to its credit, Elektrisola has manufacturing locations throughout the world, with nine plants located in seven countries in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

After having set the world record for the smallest fine wire, Dr. Gerd Schildbach founded Elektrisola in 1948, opening the company's first factory in Germany. To accomplish his technology goals, he created his own custom manufacturing equipment and then implemented environmentally friendly catalytic painting furnaces to keep pollution to a minimum at Elektrisola facilities. To ensure quality, Elektrisola developed special sensors and in-line laser measurement on every production line, providing a constant feedback loop and an unprecedented level of quality control.

In the 1960s, Elektrisola began exporting fine wires successfully to the United States. With business growing, a plant in Boscawen, New Hampshire, was opened in 1976, which soon became the biggest manufacturer of fine wire in North America. Expansion into Asia began with a trading company in Hong Kong in 1984 and a plant in Malaysia in 1993. These expansions helped establish Elektrisola as a world leader in producing copper fine wire.

As the third generation of Schildbachs enter the business, the family carries on the tradition of continually investing in equipment, plants, and innovative solutions. Committed to reducing environmental impact and supporting family values, Elektrisola has proven to be an ideal partner for MWS' continued success. Our shared values and passion for crafting innovative wire solutions create an ideal partnership to serve our customers and their breakthrough products.

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