Wire Manufacturing Capabilities

MWS produces custom round, square, rectangular, ribbon, Multifilar®, Twistite™ and Microsquare™ wires in a well-equipped, fully permitted 25,000 square foot manufacturing facility in California. Our products include film insulated wire conforming to NEMA MW 1000 in temperature classes 105°C to 240°C, from single through quadruple film builds.

Low minimums, quick deliveries and top quality are our standards.

MWS Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities include:

Film Insulated Wire

  • Manufacturing capabilities range from high purity copper or aluminum conductors to alloys, plated and precious metal wires with film insulations rated up to 240C.
  • Ultrafine sizes to 50 AWG can be produced for medical device and other high technology applications.
  • Insulated thin profile rectangular copper wire commonly used for transformers can be produced up to .400 inch wide.

Ablated Wire

  • For small diameter wires UV laser technology uses short wavelength ultraviolet light coupled with nanosecond duration pulses, enabling instant vaporization leaving a clean metallic surface for terminating.
  • Enamels may be stripped into small “windows” at precise lengths in a reel to reel process that allows for continuous length of wire delivered on spools for further processing.
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Wire Spooling

  • MWS winds wire onto a large variety of spools that range in size from holding a few grams of fine diameter wires to three hundred pounds of square and rectangular wires.
  •  For specialized precision medical cable applications, the wire can be put on braider bobbins.
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Bare Round, Flat and Ribbon

Sizes ranging from .0571″ down to .0005” in round diameters and ribbon thickness as low as .001″ and widths as wide as .125″ are produced in pure metal, alloy and plated conductors. Products can be supplied in all tempers, from dead soft annealed to spring.

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Twistite Magnet Wire®

Two or more strands of natural or color coded magnet wire, utilizing copper or custom conductors, twisted up to 50 twists per inch to meet the needs of unique customer applications.

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Multifilar® Magnet Wire

  • Parallel bonded, color coded multi-strand magnet wire in a selection of NEMA MW 1000 film types, insulation builds and bondable coating types.
  • Production users benefit from increased layer winding speeds, tighter windings that deliver more power in less space, reduced labor and handling.
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Microsquare Magnet Wire®

Insulated square wires, ranging from 15 AWG (.0571”) to 34 AWG (.0063”), are coated with film enamels conforming to NEMA MW 1000.

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