Precious Metals

MWS inventories bare pure gold, silver and platinum from AWG 16 and finer, in addition to ribbon and flat wire. These precious metals can also be insulated and produced in Multifilar®, Microsquare™ and Twistite™ constructions. Refractory metals, tungsten and niobium, are available from stock at .020” and finer.

MWS supplies three basic types of flat conductors: ribbon (flat wire), strip, and foil or sheet. All three products are produced in a series of rolling processes, and are supplied with round, radial, or sharp-edge constructions.


Normally produced from round wire in a single or multiple pass rolling process, ribbon products range in size from thicknesses as small as .0005”, and widths as large as .100”. Thickness tolerances are as tight as ±.00015”, and width tolerances are as tight as ±.0005”. Ribbon products usually are supplied with rounded edges, on spools that are paper sectioned to enhance despooling.


Generally speaking, strip products range from thicknesses of .005”, with widths from .125” to 2”. Radial or sharp edges are available, with material packaged in coils or on spools.

Foil or Sheet

Produced after rolling, by a shearing or slitting process, foil or sheet is supplied in widths from 2” to 12”. Thicknesses can range from .001” to .020”. The slit edge is sharp and may require deburring for certain applications.

Precious metals may also be made as flat wire either coated or bare. All wire products can be supplied with chemical analysis. Other precious metals and alloys available upon request.

Precious Metals Data

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Characteristics of Precious Metals

Atomic SymbolAuPtAg
Melting Point (°C)10641769962
Density (lbs./in.³).698.775.379
Coefficient 0f Linear Thermal Expansion @ (X 10 -6 / K) 14.2 8.918.9
Thermal Conductivity @ 0°C (W / (m x K))31771418
Electrical Resistivity @ 20°C (Ω/circ. mil/ft)13.3163.919.56
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance ( 0 - 100°C ).00372.00393.00382
Annealed Tensile Strength (kpsi)30 - 3218 - 2418 - 27