New Oxnard Location Update!

MWS will be moving from our current Westlake Village, California facility, to our new location in Oxnard, California this year. We would like to state that there will be no 4M changes in our Manufacturing and Production. Please see below for further details.

Man: No Change.
The new site will be approximately 22 miles from the present site, so there will be no personnel changes. All employees working at the present site will continue working at the new site. This includes employees involved with wire Manufacturing and Production.

Machine: No Change.
For Wire Manufacturing and Production, all instruments, equipment, etc., will be transferred and validated at the new site. There will be no change in instruments, equipment, etc., at the new site.

Material: No Change.
We will continue to use the same processes and the same material in Wire Manufacturing and Production at the new site.

Method: No Change.
We will continue to use the same processes and the same methods in Wire Manufacturing and Production at the new site.

We will also be using the same testing procedures and the same testing equipment. We are still targeting a move in completion day in March 2020.

The entire team at MWS Wire Industries will continue to provide you with an uninterrupted supply of products and service before, during and after the move. We will also continue to communicate with you on the progress of our move and look forward to providing the same high-quality products for you and your customers. (New address: 3000 Camino Del Sol Oxnard, CA 93030.) Below is a graphic timeline of our move!

Oxnard Map

If your company will require product or production site qualification, please let us know so we can start the process now.

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April - September 2020

The new weight room equipment is set up.
The brand new, state-of-the-art conference room.
The new building sign is in place.
Manufacturing supplies begin to arrive.
Supplies begin to arrive.
The lunch patio is ready to go.

December 2019

December 2019

A view of the building from across the street.

December 2019

The solar panels are ready for installation.

December 2019

The warehouse floors are made of polished concrete.

November 2019

The roof is on and progress continues!

November 2019 02

A view from the inside corner of the building with the roof on.

November 2019 03

A look inside the new MWS facility with the roof on.

September – October 2019

September – October 2019 01

Outdoor covered patio, a required feature in McInnes Ranch.

September – October 2019 02

View of the west driveway entry we will share with XPO Logistics on our west side. The circle will be finished with pavers.

September – October 2019 03

Asphalt paving required by fire department while building is under construction, suitable for emergency vehicles up to 75,000 pounds.

September – October 2019 04

Roof under construction

September – October 2019 05

Roof under construction

September – October 2019 06

Roof under construction

July – August 2019

July – August 2019 01

Brace frame welded to 1-3/4” thick steel plates embedded in the slab adds seismic stability in the center of the building

July – August 2019 02

Trusses installed outlining the vertical oven high bay area which has space for eight ovens

July – August 2019 03

Trusses installed outlining the vertical oven high bay area which has space for eight ovens

July – August 2019 04

View to past the brace frame to the high bay area in the southwest corner

July – August 2019 05

Truck well retaining walls

July – August 2019 06

The north side of the building showing the east wall of the lobby after sandblasting

July – August 2019 07

West wall and attached electrical service room, chemical (wire enamel & solvent) storage room and oxidizer enclosure with an opening for a future gate

July – August 2019 08

Walls and posts for the covered outdoor lunch area


March – June 2019

March – June 2019 01

Rendering of the new building

March – June 2019 02

Wall panels going up all around!

March – June 2019 03

Wall panels going up all around!

March – June 2019 04

Wall panels view from the inside

March – June 2019 05

Wall panels inside view of the grounds

March – June 2019 06

Wall panels and fresh air intake openings

February 2019

February 2019 01

Construction is on hold until the site dries out

February 2019 02

We are running pumps discharging 20,000 gallons per day to get back on track

February 2019 03

Beautiful day to pump out and evaporate some rain water

January 2019

January 2019 01

Reinforcing steel in tilt-up wall form

January 2019 02

The concrete foundation being poured

January 2019 Timelapse

Work in progress time lapse

December 2018

December 2018 01

Finishing machines working in office area on the west side of the building

December 2018 02

Pump and boom deliver concrete while the workers set the steel in wall formations

December 2018 03

View from truck dock – still muddy from the rain two weeks ago

November 2018

November 2018 01

Electrical conduits for future expansion outside west wall (steel rebar has not been assembled in west wall footing yet)

November 2018 02

Structural reinforcement at north wall ‘step’ section next to lobby

November 2018 03

Reinforced brace frame adds structural stability in the center of the building

November 2018 01

South wall footing with steel plates wall sections will be welded

November 2018 02

Piles of excavated dirt (‘spoils’) in the backyard that will be graded back onto the property

November 2018 03

Sand delivered for base under concrete slab

September 2018

September 2018 01

Greg Fancon, Darrell Friedman, Mike McClure and Ken Goss kick off the groundbreaking ceremony

September 2018 02

Leveling the foundation

September 2018 03

Employees and their families enjoy Shrimp vs. Chef gourmet food truck experience