Multifilar® Magnet Wire

Parallel bonded magnet wire for more consistent capacitance and impedance characteristics.

Where constant alignment of multiple strands is an advantage, Multifilar® magnet wire is the right choice. Its parallel-bonded, color-coded construction offers benefits for many applications.

Engineers should specify Multifilar® when concerned with space, weight, and reliability. Where consistent capacitance and impedance characteristics are required, Multifilar® magnet wire outperforms windings using two separate magnet wires.

Production users benefit from increased layer winding speeds, tighter windings that deliver more power in less space, reduced labor and handling. Color coding assists in conductor identification and reduces termination errors.

MWS Wire Industries custom manufactures Multifilar® magnet wire to assure flat, parallel construction in sizes AWG 16 and finer, and up to 20 conductors wide in some sizes.


Four conductor 28 AWG heavy polynylon-155
Multifilar® magnet wire in red, green, clear and blue.

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Code NumberInsulation TypeThermal ClassNEMA MW1000 Designation
1Polyurethane*155° C79C
1Polyurethane*180° C82C
2Poly-Nylon*155° C80C
2Poly-Nylon*180° C83C
4Modified Polyester180° C30C
5Armored Polyester200° C35C
6Solderable Polyester*180° C77C
7Formvar105° C15C
8Polyimide (ML)240° C16C

Bonding Films

Bond Code NO.Bonding Coat (Operating Temperature)Solvent*
1Polyvinyl Butyral (105°C)Alcohol
2Nylon (105°C)None
3Epoxy (130°C)MEK or Acetone
4Polyester (130°C)None
5Polyamide (165°C)None
6Polyimide (ML) (240°C)None

Bonding Thickness Standards

AWG SizeThicknessTolerance
16 - 20.0007"+/- .0002"
21 - 28.0005"+/- .0002"
29 - 32.0004"+/- .0001"
33 - 36.0003"+/- .0001"
37 - 41.0002"+/- .0001"
42 - Finer.0001"+.0001"/-.0"

Part Ordering Numbering System

B 2 38 1 1 1 1 (155)
Product LetterNumber of ConductorsAwg SizeInsulation BuildInsulation TypeColor CodeBonding FilmThermal Class
For all Multifar magnet wireUse ( ) for more than 9 conductors1 = single
2 = heavy
3 = triple
4 = quadruple
See above chart for correct code number0 = none required
1 = red/green
2 = green/clear
3 = red/green/clear
4 = red/green/clear/blue
9 = special - call for color code
See above chart for correct code numberFor Poly and Poly-Nylon insulations specify 155 or 180 thermal class
Example = 2 Conductors - 28 AWG Single Polyurethane 155 - Red/green - Butyral Bond

Multifilar® Data Sheet

Download the Data Sheet