Round Magnet Wire

Round Magnet Wire

Magnet wire, also known as winding wire or enameled wire, is a copper or aluminum wire coated with a thin insulation and is a principal component of transformers, inductors, motors, and other electrical devices.

The enamel is typically a polymer film that provides a tough continuous layer of insulation. Resins used in the development of enamels are designed with wire properties in mind like abrasion resistance, solderability, and thermal rating. Enameled wires are engineered to meet temperature classes from 105 to 240°C guaranteeing service life at rated temperature for 20,000 hours.

Self-supporting coils use magnet wire with an outermost thermoplastic layer that bonds coil layers together when heated or solvent activated.

MWS offers thousands of magnet wire sizes and types to meet your application and production requirements.

Copper Magnet Wire Data

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Magnet Wire Insulations

Temperature Class, Type and Specification Cross Reference
(JW1177/ xx)
105°Plain Enamel - Available 40 - 44 AWGPENONENONENONE
Formvar (RD)FMW 15/ 4317-1
Formvar (SQ & RECT)FMW 18/ 16317-17
Polyurethane BondablePBMW 3/ 44317-2
Formvar BondableFBMW 19/ 6317-5
Polyurethane Nylon BondablePNBMW 29/ 30317-9
130°Polyurethane Nylon* - No Longer AvailablePN130MW 28/ 9317-19
155°Polyurethane 155*P155MW 79/ 41317-20
Polyurethane Nylon 155*PN155MW 80/ 42317-21
Polyurethane 155 BondablePB155MW 131NONENONE
Polyurethane Nylon 155 BondablePNB155MW 136NONENONE
180°Polyurethane 180*P180MW 82NONE317-51
Polyurethane Nylon 180*PN180MW 83NONENONE
Polyester-imidePTMW 30/ 12317-8
Polyester Nylon*PTNMW 76/ 38NONE
Solderable Polyester*SPTMW 77/ 39317-23
Solderable Polyester Nylon*SPTNMW 78/ 40NONE
Polyurethane 180 BondablePB180MW 132NONENONE
Polyurethane Nylon 180 BondablePNB180MW 137NONENONE
Polyester-imide Bondable*PTBNONENONE317-37
Polyester-amide-imide Bondable*APTBNONENONENONE
Solderable Polyester Bondable*SPTBNONENONENONE
200°Glass Fibers (RD)GLASSMW 44/ 21NONE
Glass Fibers (SQ & RECT)GLASSMW 43/ 23NONE
Dacron Glass (RD)DGLASMW 45/ 20NONE
Dacron Glass (SQ & RECT)DGLASMW 46/ 25NONE
Polyester 200*PT200MW 74/ 43317-42
Polyester A / I Topcoat* (RD)APTMW 35/ 14317-13
Polyester A / I Topcoat*(SQ & RECT)APTMW 36/ 13317-29
Polyester A / I Polyamideimide (RD)APT IGMW 35NONE317-13
Polyester A / I Polyamideimide (SQ & RECT)APT IGMW 73NONENONE
Polytetrafluoloethylene (Teflon*)TEFLONNONENONENONE
240°Polyimide - ML* (RD)MLMW 16/ 15317-7
Polyimide - ML* (SQ & RECT)MLMW 20/ 18317-30

Magnet Wire Insulation Guide

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