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Monel Wire

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3 Monel was created by Robert Crooks Stanley, who worked for the International Nickel Company (INCO) in 1901 and is considered the grandfather of the nickel industry. Monel alloy 400 is a binary alloy of the same proportions of nickel and copper as is found naturally in the nickel ore…

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A group photo of the original MWS crew

Celebration of a dream come true

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3 A gentle ocean breeze carried the sweet sounds of the live band through Heritage Square in Oxnard, CA on June 14, 2018 as the MWS family gathered for its 50th Anniversary Celebration. Hugs, handshakes and high fives abound as employees and a few business partners reunited with…

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MWS offers tin/lead plated wire in both bright (die-burnished) and matte electrodeposits

Why Tin / Lead Wire for Aerospace?

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3 Tin/Lead plated wire offers strong electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and an unsurpassed solderability of base metals that are not otherwise effectively soldered to. Tin/Lead plated wire works best in aeronautical and aerospace applications as the addition of lead prevents the forming of “tin whiskers”. Tin whiskers are…

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coil wire ec motors

MWS Sponsors Electric Car Race Team

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3MWS is sponsoring the Wisconsin Electric Car Racing team this year. Although smaller and lighter than full-size race cars, the student team is constantly searching for ways to improve performance and increase reliability. During the winter months, the team develops the vehicle with comprehensive manufacturing processes. In this…

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Wire being coiled into the motor for an electric vehicle

Tesla Puts an End to Fossil Fuel Dominance

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3For the past 100 years, gasoline-powered cars have dominated the raceways and the freeways. But that paradigm is about to change as electric cars become more mainstream. Leading the pack of over 100 competitors is Tesla, a California based 10-year-old start-up that just last year became listed a…

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Medical wire technology delivers a stint or camera via a catheter

MWS High Performance Wire

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3Introducing MWS High Performance Wire MWS High Performance Wire (HPW) products are copper alloy conductors specifically designed for applications with high mechanical stress that also require high conductivity. Through improved characteristics of the wire, lifespan and reliability under dynamic load are increased. MWS offers High Performance Wire in…

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Multifilar® Wire | MWS Wire Industries

Multifilar®Magnet Wire

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3Multifilar® is a parallel bonded magnet wire with more consistent capacitance and impedance characteristics that has been produced exclusively by MWS since the 1970s. Where constant alignment of multiple strands is an advantage, Multifilar® Magnet Wire is the right choice. Its parallel-bonded, color-coded construction offers benefits for many…

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blog featured what else can magnet wire do

What Else Can Magnet Wire Do?

MWS Wire / News Wire / Page 3Magnet wire can be found in a plethora of everyday items, even in planes. Electrically powered model aircraft have been flown since the 1970s, with one unconfirmed report as early as 1957. They have since developed into small battery-powered unmanned aerial vehicles or drones, which in the twenty-first…

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