Medical Wire Technology

MWS High Performance Wire

Introducing MWS High Performance Wire

MWS High Performance Wire (HPW) products are copper alloy conductors specifically designed for applications with high mechanical stress that also require high conductivity. Through improved characteristics of the wire, lifespan and reliability under dynamic load are increased.

MWS offers High Performance Wire in Extra (HXTW) and Extreme (EHTW) tensile strength with all insulation types and as bare wire. Most alloys are available with nickel, silver, or gold plating.


  • Increased Tensile Strength – 50 to 100% greater than ETP copper
  • High Conductivity – up to 89% of ETP copper
  • Good Solderability and Weldability – no performance loss compared to copper
  • Increased Bending Performance – better fatigue strength results in fewer wire breaks in cable constructions


  • Catheter electrode wires
  • Severe coil winding applications
  • Voice coils Miniature cables
  • Aerospace applications

(a) Tensile and elongation values are nominal and generally size dependent
(b) Fatigue strength compared to annealed copper