medical microwire qa

Quality Control Held to the Highest Standard

Consistent product quality is an essential requirement for our users. MWS maintains one of the most comprehensive testing facilities in the specialty wire industry, capable of testing per NEMA MW 1000 for insulated copper and aluminum magnet wire.

Testing Capabilities include:

Dimensional Analysis

  • Contact and non-contact laser micrometer analysis, and cross-section optical measurements for concentricity, thickness, and corner radius measurements.

Mechanical Properties

  • Stress/strain analysis, tensile, yield, break strength values.

Electrical Properties

  • DC resistance, dielectric strength, capacitance, impedance, continuity of insulation, completeness of insulation cure, and TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance).

Thermal Properties

  • Thermoplastic flow, heat shock, insulation adherence, thermal endurance and solderability of insulations per NEMA MW 1000.

Material Analysis

  • Base metal chemical analysis accurate to 1 ppm.

Special Testing

  • To customer specification, custom built test equipment for unique applications.