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MWS Featured in Manufacturing in Focus Magazine

MWS Wire / Home FeatureMWS Wire is thrilled and honored to be prominently showcased in the August 2023 issue of Manufacturing in Focus. This exclusive feature provides insight into our cutting-edge innovations, unwavering commitment to quality, and our relentless pursuit of excellence in manufacturing. We invite everyone to delve into the article and discover how MWS Wire is shaping the …

Brushless motors controlled by an external electronic circuit board

Trends in Coil Winding call for custom wire specifications and the highest quality spooling

MWS Wire / Home FeatureCoils provide the magnetic field of motors, transformers, and generators, and are used in the manufacturing of loudspeakers and microphones. Today, manufacturers are demanding more from their providers to attain technological advantages in the areas of efficiency, size, cost and performance. MWS is responding to those requirements with unique wire solutions produced in our plant by …

MWS Medical Plated Wire

Why Plated Wire is so Popular

MWS Wire / Home FeatureAt MWS, we use electroplating to create specialty wire to provide a solderable, conductive or corrosion-resistant surface. The effect of electroplating depends on the material used. In addition to conductor protection, these plated constructions can improve a wire’s solderability, conductivity, and overall strength. We provide a complete line of electroplated wire in round and ribbon shapes. …