Digital illustration of taped, high frequency litz wire

Taped High-Frequency Litz Wire

Taped high-frequency Litz wire constructions are mainly suitable for applications requiring a high break down voltage. The max rated and peak break down voltage is 1000 Vrms and 1414 V peak. Taping gives Litz wire improved capability to withstand flexing and mechanical stress. Self-adhesive tape material increases protection against re-opening during and after manufacturing processes and thus secures the compliance with defined creepage distance. The applications include inverters, RF transformers, RF chokes, RF transducers, onboard charger, DC/DC converters, and inductive charging.

Degree of Overlapping

The degree of overlapping of two adjacent tape windings is defined by the gradient angle between tape and Litz wire during the taping process. The overlapping determines the number of tape layers located on top of each other and thus the insulation thickness of the Litz wire.

Cutaway Diagram: Taped, high-frequency litz wire, with 50% tape overlap

Cutaway Diagram: Taped, high-frequency litz wire, with 67% tape overlap

Taped High-Frequency Litz Wire EFOLIT

VDE-certified triple-reinforced insulated high-frequency Litz wire with self-adhesive sPET and sPEN film material for diameters up to 5.0 mm.The VDE mark indicates these are VDE Institute tested and certified products

According to specification:

  • DIN EN 62368, Annex J
  • DIN EN 60950, Annex U
  • DIN EN 61558, Annex K
  • DIN EN 60601, Annex L