MWS Wire Custom Packaging

Our Packaging Options

Since its founding in 1968, MWS Wire has sought to expand resource conservation, recycling and reuse. In the formative years these efforts included recycling and reuse of spools and packaging, a process that has since been improved and enhanced with current goals to make this business process even more effective in the future. In recent years major projects included installation of high efficiency pollution control equipment, investment in a 155 kW photovoltaic electrical generation plant and replacement of facility lighting with energy efficient lamps, ballasts and sensors.

Spools and Reels

MWS Wire Industries offers a wide variety of spool and reel sizes and types to choose from. This large variety of spool and reel types allows MWS Wire Industries to meet all of our customers spooling needs. From as little as 100 feet per spool up to 400 lbs of wire on one of our larger reel types.

Boxes and Cartons

MWS Industries packages your product for delivery in a manner that insures you get your item safe and undamaged. MWS typically packages material using the “box inside a box” method. All of our premium interior boxes are made from recycled material and our interior “loose fill” packaging is made from a water-soluble starch. MWS is very conscientious about reusing any packaging material we can, if not for our customer shipments, for our own in house inventory packing.

Large Pallet Shipments

MWS Wire Industries is capable of handling your larger weight shipments as well. From as little as 100 lbs up to 2,000 lbs per pallet, we pride ourselves in our ability to securely palletize your order for delivery anywhere in the world. We use only the best quality of pallets (standard or treated wood and plastic) to insure a safe and undamaged pallet arrives at your facility.

Spool and Reel Specifications

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