Gauge to MM Conversion Tool

The current practice of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is to reflect the American Wire Gauge in customary English units in parallel with metric units of measurement.

The AWG system is generally based on steps in the wire drawing process and is retrogressive, that is, the larger the number the smaller the wire. Gauge sizes represent a geometric progression between two defined diameters. The relationship between sizes is geometric so for every three gauge sizes the resistance, mass per unit of length and cross-sectional area will double or halve.

Our gauge to mm conversion tool allows you to move from AWG to metric units and vice versa.

* In order to use this tool accurately, be sure to input the necessary data into the white input boxes. If the data is inserted into the gray boxes the formulas will be overwritten and you will receive inaccurate or incomplete data. If this happens, simply refresh your page and the tool will be ready again.

*AWG sizes are generally expressed as whole or half gauge