Medimicro Wire®

Custom produced for ultrasound, catheter and cardiac systems

MWS Wire entered the medical industry in 1976 when it developed a two strand wire for a Temporary Atrial Pacing Electrode. Today, MWS produces specialty wire solutions that are incorporated into intravascular ultrasound imaging systems, intracardiac ablation catheters and systems, intracardiac mapping catheters, cardiac rhythm products, spinal cord stimulators, endoscopic therapeutic devices, and treatment devices for cerebral vascular disease.

Insulated wires used in catheter designs create conductive pathways that carry energy the length of the catheter device. Wires used to deliver RF energy for tissue ablation are incorporated into devices used in the medical fields of orthopedic surgery (arthroscopy), gastroenterology (endoscopy), gynecology (laparoscopy), as well as multiple interventional cardiology procedures. Wires used in conjunction with micro sensors also serve a diagnostic function in measuring temperature, pressure, and flow rate.

MWS Wire proudly offers:

  • Single end wires in fine and ultra-fine diameters
  • Very thin to extra heavy film thickness
  • Solder strippable
  • Self-bonding
  • Twisted individually coated wires
  • Parallel bonded multiple strand construction
  • Multiple colors
  • Alloy wires
  • Precious metals
  • Plated wire (silver or gold)
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Medimicro Wire® Brochure

Medical grade thermocouple (TC or T/C Twist Wire) wires are used in treatment of tachycardia and atrial fibrillation where there is a need for measurement of tissue temperature at the ablation site. Our high quality wire provides precise and accurate measurement of delivered energy and tissue temperature during radiofrequency ablation of cardiac arrhythmias.

  • Available in sizes 36 to 48 AWG
  • May be made as parallel bonded or twisted wire constructions
  • May have two or more legs
  • Variety of film insulations including polyimide in colors red, green, black, and natural
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TypePositive LeadNegative LeadComments
ENickel-ChromiumConstantanHighest sensitivity; best for temperatures down to 40 K
TOFHC CopperConstantanLow temperature and cryogenic applications; good where moisture is present
KNickel-ChromiumNickel-AluminumLargest temperature range; recommended for use in inert atmosphere