Medical Wire Manufacturing Overview

At the heart of MWS Wire Industries is our fully integrated 65,000 sq. ft. manufacturing/warehouse space, which allows us to support customers from product development through the qualification phases, all the way to full production settings. For this reason, MWS has a machine and equipment layout, which addresses all different product and volume options, from certain machines dedicated to ongoing R&D work, to high productivity equipment running continuously to feed large scale demand from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Customers have access to the most innovative wire manufacturing technology available, which allows MWS to offer the extensive matrix of design variables required in the medical device market.

Medical fine wire products can be manufactured down to sizes of around 0.0003 (8 microns or 60 AWG!), which specifically addresses the growing need for miniaturization. On the metallurgical side, MWS offers standard and precious metal options, tapping into a pool of alloy developments originating from within our proprietary resources as well as from our raw material suppliers. This allows customers to best select and balance the mechanical properties and electrical functionality required by the application. A leading example is our exclusive XHTW and EHTW high-performance alloys. These alloy options for the conductor expand into plated wire options as well.

The same variety is available for insulation coating to accommodate the need for thermal endurance, dielectric strength, solderability, resistance, color coding, and more.

After insulation, MWS has the capacity to offer extensive wire shaping operations and constructions, such as parallel bonded Multifilar® bonding, twisting, serving, or taping. All wire can be provided on a custom spool per specifications on weight or length, which seamlessly integrates into any operation where the wire is used.

Parallel to all manufacturing steps is a fully integrated quality management system with in-house testing capabilities unrivaled in the industry:  dimensional analysis, mechanical properties, electrical properties, thermal properties, material analysis, and other special testing. This provides customers with consistent reliability and quality they can count on that is based on decades of experience catering to medical customers around the world. Since 1994 MWS has been certified to the ISO 9001 quality standard and has recently added the ISO 13485 medical certification as well.

MWS is your one-stop manufacturer for all medical fine wire.

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