Medical Wire Construction Options

Single Strand and Bonded Wire (Multifilar®)

  • Single strand wire (Single Filar)
  • Parallel bonded and aligned wire up to 20 strands
  • Various bond materials and strengths
  • Color coordinated for better visibility during assembly and to avoid termination errors
  • Wide range of colors
    • Polyurethane – Natural (clear), red, green, blue, black, violet, orange, yellow, white
    • All other insulations including polyimide- Natural, red, green, black
Multifilar Wire

Twisted Medical Wire

  • Up to 33 twists per inch on fine wire
  • Twisting tolerance as tight as +/-1%
  • Tightly controlled capacitance, inductance and impedance characteristics
  • Up to 10 colors in some sizes for conductor identification
  • Huge selection of insulations including NEMA MW1000  105 – 240°C; (single through quadruple film builds)
  • Wide range of sizes: 16 through 52 AWG
  • Wide variety of conductor materials: copper; silver, plated conductors; and specialty alloys
Twisted Wire

Shaped Medical Wire

MWS is capable of shaping different wire types into miniature rectangular and square form factors to accommodate the need for optimal use of space in a medical device. Shaped wire is available in a wide range of solderable and high-temperature insulations and a variety of colors, with or without bondable overcoats. This capability is industry leading.
Shaped Wire