Group photo of the MWS Wire shipping team

Real Leaders Ship!

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs pictured with the groundbreaking Apple Lisa

Taking a shot at those competitors who sometimes made big promises in the early days of the PC industry, Steve Jobs once proclaimed that “Real Leaders Ship!” It is a credo that has driven some of the Apple’s core business practices such as having very well stocked stores on the day of a product launch.

Thanks to Greg Sessing and his hard-working warehouse team, Shipping and Packaging have long been an integral part of MWS Wire’s operation and service. Many customers run lean operations and count on MWS to have standing orders delivered (JIT) just in time. It is essential that MWS deliver on-time, every-time in order to keep our client’s business running smoothly.

A custom MWS shipping container for spooled wire

Since its founding in 1968, MWS Wire has sought to conserve resources through recycling and reuse of materials. In the formative years, these efforts included recycling and reuse of spools and packaging. Those practices continue today.

This is a process that has since been improved and enhanced with current goals to make this business process even more efficient in the future.