Tin Plated Wire Spools

Tin Plated Wire

MWS offers tin electroplated wire in round and ribbon shapes. Wires inventoried include those meeting QQ-W-343, AA59551, Mil Std 1276, ASTM B298, ASTM B355, and ASTM B488 requirements.

These insulated wires were developed for applications where severe operating environments may degrade conventional conductor materials. Tin plated wires are insulated for lower temperature applications.

Tin Plated Wire Properties

Tin plating offers strong electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance and provides enhanced solderability of base metals that are not otherwise effectively soldered to.

Tin Element

MWS offers tin plated wire in both bright (die-burnished) and matte electrodeposits.

The appearance of tin plating is very much a function of that of the bare wire. If the bare wire has a matte finish, the tin plating deposit will have more of a matte luster. If the bare wire has a bright finish, the tin plating will have a more lustrous appearance.

Tin Wire Plating Options


  • MIL-T-10727
  • ASTM B545

Underplates Provided:

  • Electrolytic Nickel
  • Copper


  • 100% Pure Tin
  • Tin/Lead Alloy Deposits Available

Finish Type:

  • Matte
  • Bright (Die-Burnished)

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive Compliance