Silver Plated Wire Spool

Silver Plated Wire

MWS provides silver plated wire for the medical, electronic, aerospace and defense industries. Silver has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity of all metals as well as the highest optical reflectivity.

Silver Plated Wire Properties

Silver Element

Silver plated wire offers excellent high-temperature lubricity making it a preferred coating for high friction applications on surfaces exposed to temperatures up to 1200F. Silver plated wire also offers excellent solderability and is commonly used for wire bonding.

Silver plated wire is also used in many electronic and cable applications where signal stability is a concern. MWS’s silver plated wire provides the most concentric coating thickness available to ensure complete coverage of the substrate.

Silver Wire Plating Options


  • ASTM B298
  • ASTM B700
  • QQ-S-365
  • Customer Provided Specifications

Underplates Provided:

  • Electrolytic Nickel
  • Copper

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive Compliance