Copper Clad Nickel-Iron Alloy (Dumet)

Dumet is a copper clad nickel-iron alloy widely used to obtain hermetic seals in soft glass. This is possible because the thermal expansion of Dumet closely matches that of glass, and the material “wets” well, affecting the bond with the glass. Other relative advantages include solderability, weldability, ductility and the ability to be supplied electroplated with gold, tin, or solder. Dumet conforms to ASTM F29-63T.

Typical Chemical Composition

Nickel – 41-42.5%
Manganese – .75-1.25%
Silicon – .3% max
Carbon – .08% max
Sulfur – .02% max
Phosphorus – .02% max
Residuals – 1% max
Iron – balance

Copper Cladding
Copper – 99.99% min
Oxygen – 0%

Electrical and Mechanical Properties
Copper by Weight20-25%
DC Conductivity15-21%
Thermal ExpansionEqual to glass
Typical Elongation
Tensile Strength (min)Annealed80 kPSI
Hard/As-Drawn120 kPSI

Copper Clad Aluminum and Other Clad Metals Data

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