Nickel Wire

MWS offers many nickel based alloys that are used in RTD sensors, resistors, rheostats, voltage control relays, heating elements, potentiometers, and other components. Engineers design around properties unique to each alloy. These include resistance, thermoelectric properties, high tensile strength, and coefficient of expansion, magnetic attraction, and resistance to oxidation or corrosive environments. Wires can be provided as uninsulated or with film coating. Most alloys can also be made as flat wire.

High Strength Nickel Alloys

Monel 400

This material is noted for its toughness over a considerable range of temperatures, and has excellent resistance to many corrosive environments. Monel 400 can be hardened only by cold-working. It is useful at temperatures up to 1050° F, and has very good mechanical properties at temperatures below zero. Melting point is 2370-2460⁰ F.

Inconel* 600

Resists corrosion and oxidation to 2150⁰ F. Provides springs with high resistance to corrosion and heat up to 750⁰ F. Tough and ductile down to -310⁰ F is nonmagnetic, easily fabricated and welded. Used for structural parts, cathode ray tube spiders, thyratron grids, sheathing, tube supports, spark plug electrodes.

Inconel* X-750

Age hardenable, nonmagnetic, corrosion and oxidation resistant (high creep-rupture strength to 1300⁰ F). Heavy cold working develops tensile strength of 290,000 psi. Stays tough and ductile to -423⁰ F. Resists chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking. For springs operating to 1200⁰ F and tube structural parts.

* Registered trademark of Inco family of companies

Nickel Alloy Data

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Chemical CompositionResistivity
at 20°C
Coefficient of Linear Expansion Between 20 - 100°CTensile Strength
(KPSI AT 20°C)
Specific GravityPounds Per Cubic InchMagnetic AttractionApprox. Melting Point (°C)
Ω /
87522.5 Cr, 5.5 Al, .5 Si,
.1 C, bal Fe
80075 Ni, 20 Cr, 2.5 Al,
2.5 Cu
67561 Ni, 15 Cr, bal Fe675.00013.0000137951758.247.2979Faint1350
65080 Ni, 20 Cr650.00010.00001321002008.412.3039None1400
Alloy 4242 Ni, bal Fe390.0010.0000029701508.10.295Strong1425
29455 CU, 45 NI294.00002*.0000149601358.90.321None1210
294R29 Ni, 17 Co, bal Fe294.0033.0000033651508.36.302Strong1450
Manganin13 Mn, 4 Ni, bal Cu290.000015**.000018740908.192.296None1020
Alloy 5250.0 NI, Bal Fe260.0029.0000049701508.25.301Strong1425
18023 Ni, bal Cu180.00018.0000159501008.90.321None1100
12070 Ni, 30 Fe120.0045.000015701508.46.305Strong1425
9012 Ni, balCu90.0004.000016135758.90.321None1100
606 Ni, bal Cu60.0005.000016335708.90.321None1100
302 Ni, Bal Cu30.0013.000016530608.90.321None1100
99 Ni57.0048.000013601358.90.321Strong1450
99.97 Ni45.0067.00001348958.89.321Strong1452

Trade Name Cross Reference

MWS WireCarpenter Tech.Driver-HarrisHarrisonHoskinsJelliffKanthalMolecu
MWS - 875Alchrome 875-HAI-FeCr Al25Alloy 875-Kanthal A-1-
MWS - 800EvanohmKarmaHAI-431Chromel RAlloy 800Nikrothal LMoleculoy
MWS - 675Tophet CNichromeHAI-NiCr 60Chromel CAlloy CNikrothal 6Electroloy
MWS - 650Tophet ANichrome VHAI-NiCr 80Chromel AAlloy ANikrothal 8Protoly
MWS - 294CupronAdvanceHAI-CuNi 102CopelAlloy 45Cuprothal 294Neutroloy
MWS - 294RKovar-HAI-373----
MWS - 180180 AlloyMidohmHAI-180Alloy 380Alloy 180Cuprothal 180-
MWS - 120BalcoHytemoHAI-380-Alloy 120-Pelcoloy
MWS - 9090 Alloy#95 AlloyHAI-90Alloy 290Alloy 90Cuprothal 90-
MWS - 6060 AlloyLohmHAI-60Alloy 260Alloy 60Cuprothal 60-
MWS - 3030 Alloy#30 AlloyHAI-30Alloy 230Alloy 30Cuprothal 30-